What Is Included

High achievers don’t get there by accident. They follow a proven business model using the cutting edge business growth tools that are provided to all Fizz Pop franchisees.

Fizz Pop and its franchisees have turned over hundreds of thousands of pounds from this business model and it is now available to you to profit from. Whether you are looking for part time earning potential of £2000 a month or 6 figures full time income, our franchise and proven system can help you achieve your goals and put you firmly on the road to financial freedom.

Therefore if you are starting a business you need to identify the KEY Elements and the Points of difference that make this opportunity the most unique, they are…

LOW Initial Set Up

Who wants to pay Twenty, Thirty or Forty thousand pounds for a business when you can pay so much less than that? This business offers a ridiculously low initial franchise cost when you consider the profit margins available.

QUICK BEP (Break Even Point)

Many businesses never actually return the initial out lay returned for buying into the opportunity in the first place. Each school booking can be worth £750 to your business, meaning you can breakeven very quickly.

Low Ongoing Monthly Maintenance

Your only real monthly ongoing cost is the cost of marketing, which includes a small budget to the National marketing costs, as well your time to visit the local schools in your area.

No Stock – No Delivery

The science programs are delivered in live face to face situations. The only equipment you need is the equipment for that days activities, meaning when you are providing the service you are earning.

Ongoing Income Streams

There are multiple opportunities for you to create additional incomes streams from your list of prospects who have not yet bought from you and also from your current client list, we will show you how to maximize your income.


Fizz Pop Science bring you a science experience that is truly unique, memorable and guaranteed to make any child between 5 and 12 a very happy child. Where else can you find science delivered in the unique Fizz Pop way?

LOW Ongoing Financial Risk

Most businesses die because they cannot make a profit never mind break even. One customer a month and this is plain sailing, the low ongoing costs ensure the business is profitable month by month even if you are running it part time.


The market place is massive and growing all the time, it is huge, we have already worked with hundreds of thousands of children nationwide. Education is a multi million pound industry that you can now be part of.


This opportunity has been designed for either one person or a couple to run it part time and create great revenues, or if you want to scale up and achieve even higher earnings, we provide everything you need to grow a team.

No Premises or Leases

You don't need an office or premises for the business. Your time is split between performing at schools / parties and being at home taking new bookings and managing the business.

Track Record

The service and the business have already proved it works so the new franchisee is using a business model that works and is PROVEN. Having worked with hundreds of schools we know what works.

Respectable, credible service and brand

If you do not have this you are snookered from the start. Joining a business that builds revenues and resale value for you and your family, MUST be a top of the list and this is only possible with a respectable brand and credibility.

The Honest Truth: Many businesses may manage to incorporate a few of these massive benefits: These Key Elements and the financial and essential Points of Difference. These are the magic ingredients that offer up not just a formula for success ….but an actual recipe for success.

The Fizz Pop franchise offers all of the points listed above.

If you are not interested in this business that is OK….but make sure what every you are interested in does incorporate as many of these as possible …you may even get lucky and find the set…who knows…. or you can take the time to read the points above again….. and think carefully about what this opportunity really does offer you.

We genuinely want to do all that we can do to support you and help your business become as profitable as possible.

This is why we provide you with, what we believe to be the best business opportunity on the market today that not only includes everything that makes us stand out from a crowd, but also the following essential business tools for you to succeed.

Check out the list below of everything you will receive with this franchise…..

Full Franchise Access to Fizz Pop Business Model

  • This business has been developed by enthusiastic and highly energised entrepreneurs who have made hundreds of thousands of pounds with this business. By becoming a franchisee you will get full access to the fully PROVEN business model.

Your Own Protected Territory

  • This exclusive territory will have between 100 – 350 primary schools for you to target.

6 Figure Sales Kit

  • You will be taught a sales method that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of children accessing our services. Anyone can learn this method as we will show you how to convert your leads into sales following our proven methods. Start part time or full time the choice is yours.

High Converting Marketing System

  •  You will receive a marketing model that generates you leads and has worked time and time again. This is the holy grail of your business. It includes:
    • Proven marketing copy
    • Follow up marketing systems
    • Marketing launch campaign
    • All web enquiries come straight to you
    • Central lead generation via telemarketing and internet marketing

Fully Branded Marketing System

  • This includes…
    • A dedicated & integrated web presence and e-mail
    • 5 Uniforms
    • 1 Party banner
    • 1 Workshop banner
    • Lesson plans
    • 6 After school club kits and operating kit manuals
    • 3 Party kits and operating kit manuals
    • 1000 Birthday party leaflets
    • 2500 After school enrichment forms
    • 250 A4 Free show flyers

Your Own Business Development Training

  • Our training and support team will help you build a profitable business. Having started this business from scratch, we know the obstacles you are likely to be faced with and we will always be on hand to assist you. You will receive training and support to help you grow a profitable and successful business. The better you do, the better it is for everyone, therefore we are always on hand to support you and assist you in achieving your goals.

If that wasn’t enough you also receive:

  • Your own section of the national website to promote.
  • Your own section to the schools portal to collect payments from clients
  • Full rights to promote and sell the Fizz Pop science program
  • Branded marketing templates
  • Red hot sales material that massively increase your chances of securing sales
  • Branded business templates and customer management systems – all aimed to help you operate your business on a day to day basis
  • A dedicated franchise development officer
  • 1 to 1 training
  • Online training
  • Access to online support folders that can be accessed 24/7 and contains up to date information on how to operate the franchise
  • Training in:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • How to deliver the science programs
    • Business advice
    • Operational systems
    • Client relations
    • Standard of service
    • Company philosophy
    • Access to specific online workshops that are all aimed to help you and your business achieve success
    • Access to our head office team who grew the business from scratch to access all of the time.

We Believe That What You Receive Is The Most Comprehensive Set Of Business Tools Available In The Franchise Market Today And It Is All Yours As Part Of Your Franchise.

Everything available here has been carefully selected to ensure you have all the know how you need to grow a successful business in the education marketplace. This business model has worked time and time again for many years, and as this market continues to grow you can take comfort in knowing you will have access to a business that has huge growth potential. If you are excited by what you are reading we are sure you will want to know just how much a Fizz Pop franchise costs.